The level of print finishing is increasing more and more. From flyers to image brochures and from simple packaging to the deluxe version.

  • Minimal odour
  • Good adhesion
  • Uniform application pattern


Jowat UV varnishes for the printing industry


Our customers rely on a constant level of quality and innovation. Jowat SE meets these requirements each day, when our adhesives are used for an additional finishing effect on superior printed products.


More than “only adhesive”

With the latest development by Jowat SE, we now provide a new product range additionally to our well-known adhesives. The goal to achieve a superior finishing and make use of synergies between the products remains of course. From now on, print finishers can also obtain varnishes from Jowat to create UV varnish effects. To achieve the best results in screen and flexo printing, the focus was set on the respective application during the entire development process of this product range. The varnishes have a very high scratch resistance, a uniform application pattern, are compatible with our adhesives, and there is no unpleasant odour during processing. Whether high-gloss, spot or special varnish may be used, our customers can count on the same service level that they are used to from our adhesive products.


Added value for the customer

Jowat SE does not want to be a simple varnish supplier, but a solution provider. Therefore, the only right and logical consequence was to assist our customers with complete supply in print finishing.


Under certain conditions for example, coating-free areas may no longer be required if the proper varnish is used, making it significantly easier to plan and realise the application. Even claims are handled more effectively when no additional communication between the varnish and adhesive manufacturer is required. Processes become faster and the customer profits from the combined expertise when everything is supplied by a single source.


Good things come in small varieties

We fully adhere to our philosophy from the adhesive sector. A clear product range helps the customer and provides a better availability, even over large distances. This offers advantages to everybody, including an optimum price-quality ratio.


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