Definition: Finishes are applied to fabrics, textiles, yarns, and fibres to impart the required functional properties.

  • Modification of hydrophilic materials
  • Reduced swelling
  • Improved physical material properties


Jowapur® Appretur Upgrade - First Class


For instance, they can be used to improve the surface structure, rigidity, strength, gloss, density of the substrate, but can also function as a hydrophobic, antistatic, flame-retardant, or antimicrobial agent.


Function: The treatment of wood-based materials with a hydrophobing agent makes them either water-repellent or at least reduces the water absorption. The ingredients of the Jowapur® Appretur cover the wood fibres, pores and capillary surfaces, therefore preventing moisture ingress. Since the pores and the capillaries are not closed in this procedure, the diffusion capacity (breathability) of the material remains virtually unaffected by the hydrophobing treatment.


Objective: The effect of the Appretur has to be permanent and without any negative side effects. The characteristics of the substrate have to be maintained and may even be improved significantly depending on the application. In particular, the Appretur treatment is not allowed to have a detrimental effect on the downline bonding processes with different adhesive systems.


Effect: In general, the deeper the Appretur penetrates into the material, the better the effect will be. The ideal degree of penetration has to be determined for every application individually depending on the price-performance ratio, the desired improvement as well as on the downline processing steps and the time between them. In general, the achievable penetration depth depends on:

  • the absorbing capacity of the substrate
  • the density profile of the substrate
  • the type and formulation of the Appretur
  • the application technology and application amount
  • the contact time


Substrates: The Jowapur® Appretur is suitable for instance for the following substrates: MDF/HDF, particleboard, plywood, solid wood, plaster and cement fibreboard, paper, cardboard


Application methods

  • Roller applicators
  • Curtain coating + vacuum deep-drawing
  • Vacuum – spray application
  • Brush or roller (manual application
  • )
  • Pressurised containers