Changing trends in the furniture industry dictate the design of furniture fronts and determine the requirements for 3D lamination.

  • One-component and two-component polyurethane dispersions (PUD) for the 3D lamination of furniture fronts
  • Full range of PU dispersions for all 3D lamination applications
  • High heat and moisture resistance


PU dispersions for the 3D lamination of furniture fronts


On one day, clean fronts mainly laminated with high-gloss PVC foils are in trend and on the next day profiled fronts laminated with more classic PVC foils with a smooth or structured surface are in demand. The technical manufacturing processes and the adhesives used have to meet the latest requirements in the industry and ensure a reliable bond.


One-component Jowapur®polyurethane dispersions provide a wide range of benefits for processors. Dosing and mixing errors are prevented with 1-component adhesives, providing a major advantage in processing compared to 2-component systems. This leads to further benefits such as easier material planning, procurement and warehousing, eliminates the cleaning of mixing units, and observation of the pot life becomes obsolete.


These points alone already facilitate an increase in process reliability due to a reduced failure potential The two-component Jowapur® polyurethane dispersions support a broad spectrum of applications due to a flexible amount (5 % – 10 %) of crosslinking agent Jowat® 195.40 which can be added to the adhesive. Therefore, the adhesive-crosslinker ratio can be adapted individually to the materials to be laminated as well as to the requirements for the bond.


PU dispersions have become established as reliable adhesives in the lamination of 3D furniture fronts and ensure superior products. The high initial strength facilitates fast trimming of the parts shortly after the press is opened. The application technology for PU dispersions has been constantly developed further and today the adhesive is mostly applied in fully automated spraying and drying processes. Jowat supplies a wide range of one- and two-component Jowapur® polyurethane dispersions fullfilling all requirements in the production of 3D furniture fronts.


Three-dimensional, thermally coated furniture fronts, 3D film fronts for short, represent an important segment in the furniture industry. These types of coated elements are primarily used in the bathroom and kitchen areas, but also on living room and bedroom furniture as well as smaller items of furniture. Therefore the initiative group 3D Front Production already published the "Quality Guide" in 2009. Now an updated and extended new edition has been released: