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  • Increased efficiency from single part to serial production
  • Reduced solvent emissions
  • Complete customer satisfaction due to modern high-performance adhesives


The manufacturing of upholstered furniture is characterised by a huge diversity of processed materials. Apart from cold and preformed foams, textiles, leather, wood or wood-based substrates, various plastics and many other materials are used.


Frequently, the operations are manual and the process times vary widely. The combination of a long open time, good adhesion to the various substrates, and high green strength represent a great challenge to adhesives technology.


Our the solvent-based adhesives have been established in the upholstery and foam cutting industry and have constantly been adapted to the respective requirements. The adhesives are usually applied by spray gun. Our solvent-based adhesives with high green strength and formation of fast cohesion build-up with short pressing times with little pressure resulting in fast application and assembly processes to let efficient labor intensive manufacturing.


Apart from lower solvent emissions, our solvent-based adhesives with a higher solids content offer a cost advantage due to higher yield and therefore significantly reduced material costs per part.


  • Senta (CR - Contact Adhesive), Sentatac (SBS), Senta-HighSolid (SBS), Senta Super-HighSolid (SBS), Jowat (CR - Contact Adhesive), Jowatac (SBS), Jowatac-HighSolid (SBS), Jowatac Super-HighSolid (SBS)


For perfect results: SENTEZ; provides innovative and powerful industrial adhesives, tailor-made for our customers in different industries. Contact us for an individual service.

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