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Toluene is a colorless, water-insoluble benzene-derived liquid with the characteristic odor of thinner and is also called methyl benzene. Toluene is an aromatic hydrocarbon and is used to make TNT (trinitro toluene) explosive.


Although not very polar, it is a very good solvent for many organic substances. But it is a bit difficult to remove it from the environment after the reaction. Unlike benzene, it is not carcinogenic, making it more preferred as a solvent in the industry.


Reacts violently with strong oxidants and strong acids. The methyl group on it makes toluene 25 times more reactive than benzene. Since its industrial production is from fossil fuel sources, it can be produced in large quantities relatively cheaply.


Usage areas:

  • Mainly as a solvent
  • Thinning paints
  • As a reactant in many chemical reactions
  • The most common chemical use is the production of benzene
  • Plastic (rubber) production
  • Ink making
  • Disinfectants
  • As a folluren indicator
  • When oxidized, it turns into very important intermediate compounds such as benzaldehyde and benzoic acid
  • It is an important carbon source
  • In biochemistry, breaking down red blood cells and revealing hemoglobin
  • As an octane booster in fuels
  • TNT (trinitro toluene) is the main ingredient in explosives.

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