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PUR Adhesive and EVA Adhesive Comparision

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If your business is making a production based on hot melt adhesives, you will definitely face a need to compare PUR and EVA adhesives.


EVA based adhesives, which were the industry standard until the mid-1990s, have led to their widespread use as they can be reheated and used, cure in a short time and offer trouble-free processing with many materials. Again in the early 1990s, PUR adhesives, which were produced for better performance, were launched as the last point of chemical engineering. However, the development of its technology took time due to the difficulties of use in its early days and the length of the preparation phase.


Bonding process of PUR adhesives are completed as a result of a chemical reaction. Application machines are critical for PUR adhesives giving better results in a humid environment and PUR tank melting systems can easily be found in the market today.


Advantages of PUR adhesive:

  • PUR adhesives is more expensive than EVA adhesives. However, almost half the thickness of PUR adhesive provides much better adhesion than EVA adhesive.
  • Since PUR means less adhesive application, it will be preferred more in thin areas that need to be adhered.
  • While PUR adhesive is colorless, EVA adhesive is white and straw colored. Considering the application area, this can make a difference.
  • PUR adhesive offers a longer and more flexible adhesion than EVA adhesive. After PUR adheres to a surface such as paper and fabric, it is very difficult to remove without tearing the paper and fabric. This means better performance in the finished product.
  • While PUR adhesives cannot be reused, EVA adhesive can be reheated and used. Although this seems like an advantage for EVA adhesives, when you send a fabric, wooden machine or book to different geographical regions, the variability of the glue state can negatively affect the product quality. In PUR adhesives, once the bonding process is achieved, it will not react again and lose its properties whether it is in the Poles or the Sahara Desert (from -40 °C to +200 °C).

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