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Manufacturing of Laminate, Vinyl and Design Flooring

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Manufacturing of laminate, vinyl and design flooring

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Laminate has been one of the most demanded flooring materials for many years. It combines many practical characteristics like easy maintainance, water and wear resistance, sound reduction at relatively low costs.


The wide range of decor foils facilitates all possible designs. High-quality laminate floors with embossed structures match the appearance of solid wood parquet floors and frequently also feel similar to a real wood floor.


Laminates are manufactured from a MDF or HDF core board which is laminated with a top layer consisting of a cut sheet or reel material after which the compound is pressed. In downline processing, the laminate may then be sealed or enhanced with special functions, for instance with an additional protective layer by applying a coating of scratch-resistant varnish.


Vinyl floors

Vinyl floors have also been established for many years for commercial as well as for private use. The flooring is manufactured by printing a decorative layer on a core layer made of MDF, plastic or cork which is then laminated with a PVC top layer. The reverse side is sealed or coated with special adhesives to make it water-repellent.


Design floors

Plastic-based design floors are the latest trend in floorings and there are virtually no limits to creativity in the manufacturing of these floors. They can be laminated with transparent foils which may be equipped with further additional functions.


Luxury vinyl tiles are available in a variety of formats from square tiles to boards in different sizes and offer the realistic look of natural materials like wood and stone but also ceramics, concrete or sand. PUR hot melts which have been developed particularly for this application play a major role in the manufacturing of design floors.


The adhesive is applied by slot nozzles with adjustable widths on the reverse side of the foil to ensure a complete wetting of the surface and a smooth and even application pattern.


The new foil adhesive with reduced emissions for the lamination of foils and decor papers provides a major input into ecologically compatible and healthy living conditions.


  • Dispersion : Sentacoll (Foil Adhesive), Jowacoll (Foil Adhesive)
  • PUR Hot Melt Adhesive : Sentatherm-Reaktant (PUR Hot Melt Adhesive), Jowatherm-Reaktant (PUR Hot Melt Adhesive)
  • PUR Hot Melt Adhesive (Non-hazardous) : Sentatherm-Reaktant MR (PUR Hot Melt Adhesive), Jowatherm-Reaktant MR (PUR Hot Melt Adhesive)


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