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Lightweight Boards

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Lightweight boards

Innovative adhesives for the manufacturing of lightweight board panels


The term lightweight board panels can be applied to a huge variety of material combinations, all of these aiming at products with lower weight in comparison to conventional wood-based substrates used in the manufacturing of furniture (like for instance solid wood, particleboard and MDF), while at the same time maintaining all desired furniture aspects of function and utility.


We have the right portfoglio of powerful dispersions and hot melts with special adhesives for the manufacturing of lightweight boards. Which adhesive is the product of choice depends on the materials assembled (like for instance thin particleboard with cardboard honeycomb cores, honeycombs made of aluminium in an aluminium skin, high-pressure laminates with PU cores, etc.), the method of adhesive application and uses and exposures for which the finished part is intended. The boards can be sealed with a hydrophobic treatment of the substrate which reinforces the surface of the wood-based carrier substrate increasing its hardness and reduces the release of VOC by preventing emissions.


  • Dispersion : Sentacoll (PVAc Dispersion), Jowacoll (PVAc Dispersion)
  • Hot Melt Adhesive : Sentatherm-Reaktant (PUR Hot Melt Adhesive), Jowatherm-Reaktant (PUR Hot Melt Adhesive)
  • Prepolymer : Sentapur (1-Component PUR Prepolymer), Jowapur (1-Component PUR Prepolymer)


For perfect results: SENTEZ; provides innovative and powerful industrial adhesives, tailor-made for our customers in different industries. Contact us for an individual service.

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