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Lamination of Building Textiles

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Lamination of building textiles

Innovative adhesives for lamination and coating of technical textiles in the building industry


In the building technology, technical textiles have to provide certain functions like tight seals, vapour barriers and absorbency of mechanical stress.


The physical structural properties determining the ambient climate and can only be guaranteed by a secure compound of multiply textiles with suitable adhesives.


Living comfort and energy efficiency play an increasing role in building projects. Roofing liners protect the roof against external influences while functioingn as a water-repellent layer and facilitate a proper ventilation of the roofing truss. Vapour barriers don’t let anything go through and ensure that the requirements of the blower door test which measures the airtightness of buildings are met.


We provide innovative adhesive solutions for different requirements:

  • Special adhesives with very high UV resistance for laminating roofing liners
  • Pressure-sensitive hot melts for laminating nonwovens with diverse foils
  • Reactive PUR hot melts with high bonding strength and low processing temperatures for bonding thin thermoplastic foils
  • Pressure-sensitive dispersions with high surface tack and very high cohesion for difficult to bond foils and textiles


Roofing liners and vapour barriers

For lamination and coating, several thermoplastic and reactive hot melt and water-based dispersion adhesives are used successfully.


The bonded roofing liners has to withstand mechanical stress, must be for instance resistant against perforation due to walking, and ensure high durability when exposed to UV light. In practice, the most suitable adhesives have proven to be the polyolefin based (PO) adhesives for lamination of polypropylene (PP) foils and fleeces. Polyurethane (PUR) hot melt adhesives are the products of choice for superior compound strength and excellent resistance to mechanical stress.


For bonded composites of fleece with a more open textile structure, like protective films for painting operations, pressure-sensitive hot melts are well established.


Construction measures in road and dike building are often undertaken with fleece that has a reinforcement backing of netting. High stress is absorbed by a stable plastic netting, the spacing between the layers is assured by the fleece. The manufacturing process often requires the use of dispersion adhesives to assemble these layers as high solid content guarantees short evaporation times and high initial strength.


  • Senta-Toptherm (PO Hot Melt Adhesive), Sentatherm-Reaktant (PUR Hot Melt Adhesive), Sentatherm-Reaktant GROW (Biobased Hot Melt Adhesive), Sentatherm-Reaktant MR (Monomer-reduced PUR Hot Melt Adhesive), Jowat-Toptherm (PO Hot Melt Adhesive), Jowatherm-Reaktant (PUR Hot Melt Adhesive), Jowatherm-Reaktant GROW (Biobased Hot Melt Adhesive), Jowatherm-Reaktant MR (Monomer-reduced PUR Hot Melt Adhesive)


For perfect results: SENTEZ; provides innovative and powerful industrial adhesives, tailor-made for our customers in different industries. Contact us for an individual service.

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