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Inline Labelling

Create the best bond


  • Paper and plastic labels for cans, PE, PP, PET
  • Polyolefin based adhesives for good long-term stability in the melt
  • Roller or nozzle application


By carrying the message of a brand, labels can influence the customers decision. The choice of the right adhesive depends on more than just the flawless exterior appearance of the label.


Special adhesives in our portfoglio facilitate a strong, flexible, and clean bonding of labels to containers, as well as comfortable handling and an attractive appearance.


Some container types like PET bottles may expand or shrink depending on the ambient conditions. To ensure this does not affect the superior appearance, the adhesive must be able to compensate for different size of the bottle and the label.


Our products based on polyolefin also impress with long thermal stability in the melt, low stringing during application, as well as reduced energy consumption. The adhesives are characterised by optimum adhesion to containers made from a wide range of materials like PE, PP, PET, aluminium, sheet metal or glass.


Our rubber-based adhesives have an outstanding surface tack, and have been developed especially for containers of carbonated drinks.


The adhesive products from both series have been approved according to food contact regulations.


Polymers are responsible for creating the inner strength, the cohesion of the bond. Modern, tailored polyolefin based polymers are highly suitable raw material bases for labelling adhesives as their balanced cohesive properties will give high strength and excellent flexibility to the adhesive.


Production can profit from the lower process cost for polyolefin-based hot melt adhesives. The numerous advantages of this group of adhesives are already known on the market from the application carton closing to labelling process. The PO basis makes those drawbacks obsolete that were known from the processing of labelling hot melts based on EVA or rubber, like burning, cracking or separation. The reduced stringing effect during application and the high heat resistance in the melt, limit cleaning operations and allow for longer maintenance intervals.


  • Senta-Toptherm (PO Hot Melt Adhesive), Jowat-Toptherm (PO Hot Melt Adhesive)


For perfect results: SENTEZ; provides innovative and powerful industrial adhesives, tailor-made for our customers in different industries. Contact us for an individual service.

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