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A Brief History of Adhesives and Adhesion

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The first examples of the use of substances for bonding date back to 4000 BC. Archaeologists who conducted research determined that prehistorical people are buried with some earthenware and pottery which were repaired with various tree resins having adhesive properties.


Although adhesives have been known and used by mankind for thousands of years, most of the adhesive technology we use today has been developed in the last century. In particular, the invention of elastomer brought rapid advances in adhesive formulations and gave chemists the opportunity to improve the properties of adhesives.


Adhesion between the adhesive and the material involves quite complex reactions and many variables. Adhesion may occur physically by the penetration of the adhesive into small pores or by chemical reaction mechanisms. Chemical interactions between adhesive and material are associated with weak (electrostatic forces) or strong chemical bonds (ionic, covalent).


Today, the production of cheap adhesives with the desired properties for many different usage areas has brought along the rapid development in the glue industry.


Classification of adhesives can be done in many ways. In general, adhesives can be classified as follows:

  • Chemical composition and source
  • The place of end use
  • Application and solidification properties
  • Materials that are used for.

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