Very high speeds, different papers, newly printed inks and adhesives of superior quality.

  • Powerful water-based adhesives
  • For all standard application systems
  • For all standard paper qualities
  • Developed together with processors


Dispersion adhesives for rotary fold bonding


Those are the daily requirements in rotary printing and for rotary fold bonding.


Jowat looks back on many years of experience with adhesives for all standard and established fold bonding systems. We know what the challenges are:

- fast drying

due to an optimum ratio of solids to water content

- good cleaning properties

in general, with water; stubborn residues can be removed with one of our cleaners

- no build-up at the nozzle

adapted rheological properties, suitable for the typical pressure and application amounts of the folding system

- adhesives adapted to the processed

paper qualities depending on the product, the paper may be changed without needing to change the glue

- characteristics during downtimes / idle times

no skin formation due to special membrane lids to prevent loss of moisture and skin formation

- cross bonding or longitudinal bonding

the products have different viscosities, depending on the application system

- amount of ink

whether a thick layer of ink or pure paper white

– good adhesion is essential, our products are optimised for these demands


Our products have all been developed in close cooperation with rotary printers for all standard application systems.


Have we sparked your interest? We would be happy to assist you with an uncomplicated change to another adhesive on your existing system, or to help you choosing the most suitable adhesive for your new unit.


Ask for our advice and tell us your challenge. We look forward to it!