Due to an increasing wealth of styles, modern flooring materials such as vinyl or design floors, classic parquet or high-quality carpets provide virtually unlimited possibilities for interior design.

Adhesive solutions for the flooring industry


The flooring plays a major role in the atmosphere of a room. Jowat adhesives are perfect bonding partners and also provide special functions for all forms and designs, whether parquet, laminates, latest designs, fitted carpets or special flooring.


The variety of different flooring designs has increased significantly, especially due to new materials. Today, the industry provides almost any desired design and quality. And the expectations of consumers for easy to install products with a superior design and durability are constantly increasing. Visually, the latest design floors can hardly be distinguished from real wood, concrete, stone or cork floors, and customers have huge expectations regarding their durability and resistance – even in kitchens and bathrooms. Powerful and tailored adhesives play an important role in the manufacture of floors. They ensure a strong and permanent bonding of the different substrates, provide additional functions such as water-repellent properties or facilitate a superior appearance when applied for instance as a transparent top layer. These applications require standard tried and proven adhesives as well as intelligent new developments. With an extensive know-how acquired in many years of activity, Jowat supports private and commercial customers in all bonding-related questions in the manufacturing of floors and is a reliable partner in every situation – from the development of new and special bonding solutions to the optimum organisation of the actual bonding process and a permanent support service.