Adhesives used in the manufacture of automotive batteries have to meet very complex requirements.

  • PO hot melts for fixing battery elements in plastic cases
  • Very high resistance to acids
  • Fast downline processing and short process cycles due to fast build-up of cohesion


Jowat-Hightherm® and Jowat-Toptherm® for battery assembly


They must provide a long open time, a fast build-up of cohesion (=handling strength) and very high resistance to acids. Thermoplastic PO hot melts are used more and more often in the manufacture of automotive batteries. Compared to the two component epoxy adhesives which are also used in this application, thermoplastic PO hot melts provide several major benefits, such as one component processing, higher acid resistance, and good adhesion to the PP case of the batteries. One component processing considerably reduces production downtimes due to maintenance and cleaning or to failures, and facilitates more reliable processes.


The PO hot melts Jowat-Hightherm® 264.00 and the new high-performance product Jowat-Toptherm® 264.70 have been developed especially for the manufacture of automotive batteries. These adhesives are characterised by good flow properties due to low viscosity. In addition, Jowat-Hightherm® 264.00 provides a broad range of adhesion to PP battery cases and PP separators. Jowat-Toptherm® 264.70 has been adapted optimally to fully automated processes and facilitates short process cycles due to its long open time and fast build-up of cohesion. High resistance to mechanical stress makes these PO hot melts are ready to completely replace the two-component epoxy systems.